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Ded Celebz 2016
portraits of some talented legends we lost this year

brushtests for custom Corel Painter "Inks" set i'm perfecting in case a certain pirate comic ever needs a few more pages this decade.
Beautiful Night (in the City)
i'm supposed to be making a radiohead poster..

but instead i decided to brushtest all the new brushes added from Corel Painter 15 and 16. if anyone reads this and has advice for putting the newest brushes (even from ver. "X") to good use, give me a shout. i made use of a few snazzy new blenders and 'particle' brushes in this one, but didn't find much else to add to my palette.



Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
of the Americas
currently: black balloon over Montréal, QC
in Montréal mes copains.

this weekend was rough. lost my favorite actor at the roughly same time i was watching him die spellbound in his opus, firstly, and second.. uh.. something about a game went really, really wrong (the ptsd inhibits recall). i'm now officially against February as its start has brought just awful fortune over the past several years, what with the demise of the Stripes, the Mars Volta, and now this year's bummers. i'm also always starving and sick in february, fuck february.

as intimated last time, i did spend most of my 2013 in the US... in the lovely and open state of Washington. it is now my favorite state, i lived at the bottom of a fjord (the Puget Sound), saw and met a slew of kickass musicians and artists and comedians, enjoyed the best porters and stouts known to the new world, and earned coin slingin black crack (coffee) and electronical crack pipes for this> company -- this> Sifl & Olly clip sums up to the letter exactly what i did there (ah, retail) - watch out! their products catch fire! go complain!

...coincidentally, they also love to fire people, so i got my walkin' papers and then i got to walkin

all the way to canada, it seems, though it was mostly by bus. i traversed this great expanse of taiga with a cherished friend overland from Vancouver to Medicine Hat, to Winnipeg, and yon to Thunder Bay, Toronto, and finally arrivé'd in this destiné ultimé of Mon[t]réal en late Decembré. french is still rusty, but according to my Parisienne friends: so is the Quebecr's[!] hough hough! un petit blague

i'm here fine-tuning the OCD skill of a film editor, loving the work, and also converting my expertise of color correcting static images to the apparently lucrative equivalent field within film work. i'm also lugging cables and lights and stands around film shoots, comin back smellin like gasoline from the generators, and getting good and pooped on 35+hr weekends. so the learning is comprehensive and i'm grateful for both the soft and hard work.

of note: :macos:=:shithappens:
so i left my laptop behind in WA for some reason and have been thereby forced to work on macs in canada. it's like being a P.O.W. of [un]productivity. i can now definitively say, after long trashing them from a distance: macs suck. they're horrible. they're like a usb plug that always goes in wrong no matter which way you turn it. they're like your friend's web browser without adblock plus. they're like a deaf dog with a square skull and no eyes and no legs covered in rashes that slithers around the house whining all day. JUST like that.

my pc may be a lawnmower, but at least i can take the hood off.

ok, this is getting incoherent.

i'll have art once my laptop and wacom arrive by parcel.
i've already stolen two flags, one for the province and one for the protectorate.
i can't get enough of this cold, it's outstanding, it's the coldest i've ever known (though not by much). i'm on record here doing the opposite of complaining. i want that noted when summer rolls around and i'm sweating like a pig moaning like a porcupine having its corn fucked with

i can't seem to put two positive sentiments in a row together. dunno why i'm so cranky. i've just reignited my Yerba Mate habit after a couple years off the kraut, so maybe my mood will find its way back to the level soon. 

probably a year in the states'll do that
on that note, i'll let Rufus Wainwright's "Going to a Town" play me out.

stay fresh, comrades

  • Listening to: Diamond Rugs, Zolas, Mother Mother, Bonaparte
  • Reading: Air Conditioned Nightmare, Debt, Davinci manual
  • Watching: Colbert Report, /r/documentaries
  • Playing: best boy
  • Eating: nuts and hummus
  • Drinking: yerba fucking mate



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haha so i put up that picture of you wrestling the mongolian dude up here on da and someone favorited it. i like to check out the other favorites of the person favoriting my shit to see whether i should care or not that they like it. check out the rest of the faves on this one:

i'm not sure how to take this one but it made me laugh..
TheAstro Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
no sir, i don't like it.
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gahhhhh im honoredd thankss 4 the fav n ur gallery is amazingf
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stay crazy (turns out it's actually quite difficult)
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